November 23, 2019

WHEN A CLIENT ASKS IF THE AUGUSTA HOLE #13 CAN BE TURNED INTO A WALL MURAL, Southwest Greens Vancouver (Second Generation Landscapes) DELIVERS!

An idea raised by a customer and executed by our team of in-house designers, this 12'x27' wall mural was created by assembling several exclusive synthetic grass types. Combining additional custom-made synthetic grass was a challenge easily resolved by time for this one-of-a-kind art piece. This iconic par 5, 510 yard championship hole has a recent history of confounding unsuspecting golfers as they attempt what is now known as "The most beautiful, strategic hole in golf," suitably named Azalea.

The Master's really kicks off on the back nine on Sunday

Ranked by Golf Digest as the "best short par-5 in the world," it's no wonder this 10-million dollar luxury homeowner is thrilled with their inimitable Southwest Greens Vancouver (Second Generation Landscapes) decorative putting green!