March 14, 2022

Why you should hire the pros, and why Southwest Greens Vancouver (Second Generation Landscapes) is leader in the industry for installation practices.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Can I install artificial grass myself?” While it’s possible to install artificial grass yourself, it isn’t easy. The tools and equipment you would need are costly, it takes a while to DIY, and you may void your warranty. Let’s learn why you need to have your artificial golf turf installed by a pro following the best practices for artificial turf installation.


Regardless if you’re interested in adding a golf green to your home, or a commercial golf course, having artificial turf installed by a professional will save you time, headaches, and money — and, in the long run, provide a better-looking green.

Saved Time

Even tiny do-it-yourself projects can quickly evolve into a big to-do. Haven’t we all been there? Excessive trips to the home improvement store for supplies or tools we didn’t even know we needed, plans not going to plan, days and days of laborious work? By having your turf installed professionally, you will save so much time, and be able to enjoy the greens sooner.

To install artificial golf greens properly, you’ll need to level the ground, add a crushed aggregate base, add padding, place the turf, add infill, and roll the turf to have the best playability and to make it look realistic. Trimming edges so you have clean borders is also difficult and requires years of experience to get just right. All of this means you need some certain tools and knowledge to execute correctly and avoid messy sections or edges that start peeling up creating awful aesthetics.

Difficult Soil/Landscape

Perfect soil is rare. Most property owners can vouch for this. It is rare to be able to get your shovel into the ground without problems. Instead, we must deal with rocks, clay, or soil overrun with roots from plants and trees nearby in many locations. Just digging can become grueling work. And, if you are hacking into roots, you could be damaging surrounding plants and trees you want.

We’ve dealt with obstacles such as boulders, old (and new) irrigation lines, and stumps on many of our installation projects. Each of these obstacles must be removed or repurposed. Excavation can also produce tons of soil you do not need — what will you do with it? Frequently we have to move this excess soil offsite.

A pro turf installer can address all of this . So if you don’t want to do very back-breaking manual labor or don’t know how to dispose of your excavated soil, hiring a pro installer for your project is your best choice.

Large Areas

When you install a golf green in a large area, seaming becomes one of the most challenging parts of the turf to install correctly. Seeming is the process of binding two or more pieces together. The process is like carpet installation, when turf seams are blended correctly, they aren’t noticeable. Seams not joined correctly will be easy to see and provide a disappointing finished product.

Imagine this: rolling a piece of paper or a poster. Have you always gotten it perfectly aligned when trying to get a good roll? Sometimes you don’t get a clean edge, but end up with paper sticking out on one side. This same thing is possible when seaming artificial turf. One tiny error at the start of the process will throw the whole project off and look bad when finished. Professional installers will have a lot of experience joining seams and they’ll make certain everything looks amazing before they are finished.


There are three things that differentiate Southwest Greens Vancouver (Second Generation Landscapes) from everyone else in the turf industry — craftsmanship, guarantees, and customer service. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all artificial turf installations, and because of this, we have mastered the art and the science of Vancouver artificial turf installation. We have honed our process with at least 6,000 golf greens across the globe under our belts.

Here’s a quick look at how our artificial putting green installation process works.

  • A base made of crushed aggregate, which can be moistened and molded to form challenging breaks and undulations, unlike concrete.
  • Next, we install at least a cushion pad to help the ball roll and shot absorption, then we install our state-of-the-art polypropylene turf material that’s used to recreate the vibrant green color, softness, and playability of natural grass.
  • The turf is then in-filled with a formulation of fine-coated silica sand that gives it the touch and feel of regular grass.
  • Finally, roll the turf to make the effect of real bent grass green. Options include installing first and second cuts fringe, sand traps, bunkers, fairways, and roughs.

You can watch our installation process video here.


Be sure to take a look at our grass collections. We are here to help you when you are ready. Contact us for a quote for your project — regardless of it’s a backyard putting green or a full-scale golf course, we’ve got you covered.